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Pursuing the Science For Betterment Of Human Life.

We will harness our talents, energies & core competencies
to develop and deliver novel plant protection products and
high-value biopharmaceuticals.

Research & Development

Knowledge driven economy focused on research and innovation is imperative for any enterprise to succeed. Mother nature is the biggest chemist synthesizing a wide variety of interesting and amazing chemical moieties with potential benefits to mankind. R&D Centre is responsible for constant improvements in productivity, cost reduction, quality improvement, and new products development of the company.

These innovations have brought
us not just a rising arrow in our
growth chart, but also won several accolades & awards both national
and international.


To design experimental strategies aimed at utilizing bioagents to replace chemicals in pest & disease management.


Efficacy of bio pesticides for control of key pest fungal, & bacterial diseases in broad high value and export crops.


To develop insect pheromone actives & their formulations for economically important crop pest & urban pest.


To develop biological weed control technologies for control of Lantana camara, Parthenium hysterophorus and Water hyacinth.


The insects produce signaling molecule/s to send information that cause the behavior changes in the opposite sex. In nature, female insects of different species produce a characteristic organic compound/s, which attracts male species for mating. These semiochemicals are known as ‘Sex Pheromones’.

Pheromone Traps are specially designed using UV stabilized plastic and scientifically proven for better trapping using species specific lures to monitor specific pests. Once the moth enters the trap, they will not be able to come out. In total, it consists of three parts, i.e., – the wide bottoms bowl/ collecting bag, funnel, and the top canopy cover. The top cover has a central hole for holding a dispenser containing a specific lure. The funnel should be fixed on to the lower wide bowl/ bag while the top canopy cover is fixed on to the funnel. The dispenser containing the lure is inserted into the central hole of the top canopy cover. Pheromone Trap is now ready for fixing in the field.


The focus of this division is on microbial with significant bioactivity.
Experiments on better recovery of certain bioactive are carried out here.
Key areas are – isolation and screening of microorganisms.

Development of high yielding strains for bioactive production.
Optimizing medium and environmental parameters; scale up studies
related to Agri and pharm importance molecule